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January 2013

Cool Pavement Technologies

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On sweltering days you can fry an egg on them. But, now, Lawrence Berkeley Lab and UC Davis researchers are testing surfaces designed to make them cooler and safer.

Cool Cities, Cool Planet

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Berkeley Lab scientists discuss how cool roofs can cool your building, your city ... and our planet. Speakers: Arthur Rosenfeld, Professor of Physics Emeritus at UC Berkeley, founded the Berkeley Lab...

October 2012

EETD Distinguished Lecture: Andrew Hargadon — Long Fuse, Big Bang: Thomas Edison, Electricity, and the Locus of Innovation

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Calls for breakthroughs in science and technology have never been louder, and yet the demand for innovation is made more challenging by public and political misconceptions surrounding where, when,...

December 2009

2009 Friendship Summit-Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of US-China Diplomatic Relations. From the panel on Renewable Energy in US and China Market we hear from Mark Levine, Founder, China Energy...

Mark Levine Talks About China and Its Energy

Last March, more than two years after California passed legislation to slash greenhouse gas emissions 25 percent by 2020, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory scientist Marc Fischer boarded a Cessna...

Where Do California's Greenhouse Gases Come From?

November 2009

The first portion of the lecture will relate global energy challenges to trends in personal transportation. Following this introduction, a short overview of technology associated with lithium ion...

Distinguished Lecture Series: Mark Verbrugge — Electrochemical Energy Storage Technologies and the Automotive Industry: Drivers, Needs, and Recent Research Results

October 2009

Carbon productivity has to be increased to maintain our lifestyle. Nick Hodson, Principal, McKinsey and Company, argues that energy efficiency can significantly grow GDP by making the economy more...

Energy Efficiency: The Challenge and the Opportunity

September 2009

Mark Levine from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), provides an overview of energy efficiency policy in China at the China-US Energy Efficiency Alliance Roundtable Event.

Energy Efficiency Policy in China: An Overview by Mark Levine

July 2009

Secretary Steven Chu discusses the benefits of switching to white roofs and light colored pavements.

White Roofs

Li-ion batteries are strongly considered for powering the upcoming generations of HEVs and PHEVs, but there are still the issues of safety and costs in terms of materials resources and abundances,...

Distinguished Lecture Series: Jean-Marie Tarascon — Materials for Better Li-based Storage Systems for a "Green Energy Society"

Stephen Selkowitz of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory leads a group of architects, engineers and scientists who are studying all aspects of the thermal and daylighting performance of glazing...

Windows as Oil Wells

Michael Siminovitch, Director of the California Lighting Technology Center, presents the interesting history of the compact fluorescent light. The discussion that follows includes Tim Tutt of the...

The Compact Fluorescent Light

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