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February 2013

Let There Be Daylight (Greenlight New York)

A video record of the Let There Be Daylight event in New York on January 15, 2013. EETD's Stephen Selkowitz was one of the speakers, addressing the post-occupancy study of the shading and...

Video Highlights Development of Lab Technologies to Combat Global Poverty

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In this highlight version of the Nov. 26, 2012 Science at the Theater event, scientists discuss the recently launched LBNL Institute for Globally Transformative Technologies (LIGTT) at Berkeley Lab....

President Obama Honors the Country's Top Innovators and Scientists of 2011

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The President recognizes the 2011 National Medal of Science and National Medal of Technology and Innovation recipients on February 1, 2013.

May 2010

Learn what it will take to create tomorrow's net-zero energy home as scientists reveal the secrets of cool roofs, smart windows, and computer-driven energy control systems. The net-zero energy home...

Science at the Theatre - The House of the Future

April 2010

Learn about three efforts our grandchildren may thank us for: cheap solar energy, bringing energy efficiency to China, and learning how to store carbon deep underground. Can solar energy be dirt...

Science at the Theatre - Just Say No to Carbon Emissions

March 2010

The marked difference in pollutant concentrations between an occupied and un-occupied room are only partially explained by human bio-effluents. Humans alter levels of ozone and related oxidants such...

Distinguished Lecture Series: Charles Weschler — Indoor Chemical Exposures: Humans' Non-respiratory Interactions with Room Air

February 2010

Dr. Ashok Gadgil explains how UV water purification works and how his system changed it. Filmed at the Ashoka Tech4Society conference in Hyderabad, supported by the Lemelson Foundation and Microsoft...

Ashok Gadgil Explains UV Waterworks

Ashok Gadgil speaks at the Carbon Cycle 2.0 kick-off symposium Feb. 2, 2010.

Carbon Cycle 2.0 - Ashok Gadgil: Global Impact

Nitash Balsara, John Newman and Venkat Srinivasan speak at the Carbon Cycle 2.0 symposium.

Carbon Cycle 2.0 - Nitash Balsara: Energy Storage

Robert Cheng and Juan Meza speak at the Carbon Cycle 2.0 symposium.

Carbon Cycle 2.0 - Robert Cheng and Juan Meza: Combustion

Lynn Price speaks at the Carbon Cycle 2.0 kick-off symposium Feb. 2, 2010.

Carbon Cycle 2.0 - Lynn Price: Energy Demand in China

Mary Ann Piette speaks at the Carbon Cycle 2.0 kick-off symposium Feb. 2, 2010

Carbon Cycle 2.0 - Mary Ann Piette: Impact of Efficient Buildings

January 2010

Policies to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency have been gaining momentum throughout the world, often justified by environmental and energy security concerns. This presentation first...

Distinguished Lecture Series: Jim Sweeney — Energy Efficiency and Renewables: Market and Behavioral Failures

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