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July 2014

Energy Efficient Buildings and Appliances

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A lecture by Dr. Art Rosenfeld from 2006 on how he started working in energy efficiency in the 1970s. Rosenfeld, a former California Energy Commissioner and one of the architects of energy efficiency...

May 2014

Distinguished Lecture Series: Venky Narayanamurti — The Discovery - Invention Cycle: Bridging the Basic

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In this talk I will trace the origins of the hard case of several Nobel Prizes in Physics and show that the causal direction of scientific discovery and radical invention are often reversed. They...

April 2014

Berkeley Lab and Webcor Kick-Off FLEXLAB Experiment

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The DOE's David Danielson, Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, was on hand in Berkeley April 14 to tour FLEXLAB™, the Facility for Low Energy experiments in Buildings, run...

April 2012

This talk will discuss how fast automated demand response can help mitigate grid balancing challenges introduced by upcoming increases in intermittent renewable generation resources in an...

Automated Demand Response to Enable the Integration of Renewable Resources

March 2012

Global human development faces a fundamental challenge: many countries seem permanently caught in a poverty trap, while others build their economies on a path of certain ecological unsustainability....

Carbon Cycle 2.0 - LIGTT: LBNL Institute for Globally Transformative Technologies

Berkeley Lab Associate Laboratory Director for Energy & Environmental Sciences Don DePaolo introduces the Symposium with an overview of the Carbon Cycle 2.0 initiative and highlights of...

Carbon Cycle 2.0 - 2012 Symposium

Rick Diamond of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory believes that understanding myths can help policy makers question assumptions, myths can inform research by giving us pointers on questions that...

Rick Diamond: Seven Myths about Behavior, Energy and Buildings

January 2012

Is 2012 the Dead End or the Crossroads for the carbon market?

Distinguished Lecture Series: Marc Stuart — Emissions Trading and Climate Finance

December 2011

Vince Battaglia leads a behind-the-scenes tour of Berkeley Lab's BATT, the Batteries for Advanced Transportation Technologies Program he leads, where researchers aim to improve batteries upon which...

Behind the Scenes @ Berkeley Lab: Better Batteries for Transportation

The new test facility for low energy integrated building systems.

Meet the Green Experts—Stephen Selkowitz Part 1

The new test facility for low energy integrated building systems.

Meet the Green Experts—Stephen Selkowitz Part 2

November 2011

In January 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck near Port-au-Prince, Haiti, displacing hundreds of thousands of people. As Haitians primarily cook with inefficient charcoal stoves, cookstoves were...

Carbon Cycle 2.0 - Efficient Stoves for Haiti

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