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November 2016

R&D Awards for Energy Technologies Area

Two projects within the Energy Technologies Area won honors at the 2016 R&D 100 Awards, an international science and technology competition. The research — Cool Roof Time Machine and...

Tang Prize Speech Offers Historical View of Art Rosenfeld

"The cheapest energy is what you don't use." ... Art Rosenfeld

How do you speak on behalf of a living legend like Berkeley Lab's Art Rosenfeld, a particle physicist who attained international recognition as the "godfather of energy efficiency?" That was the challenge faced by Ashok Gadgil, Science and Technology Deputy for Berkeley Lab's Energy Technologies Area, on September 25 in...

ETA’s Christian Kohler Aspires to Serve

One Sunday evening, in 2007, Christian Kohler and his dinner date, Jina Shah, were presented with a most unusual check at Karma Kitchen, a monthly experiment in "pay it forward" dining served by volunteers at the Taste of the Himalayas, an Indian/Nepalese restaurant in downtown Berkeley.

The price of their meal? Zero dollars. But it came with a karmic twist. They could pay it forward by...