LBNL Building 90 Monitoring: Status Update and New Energy Information System Features

December 14, 2009 - 1:00pm

(Additional speakers from EETD will be: Rick Diamond (lead), Steve Greenberg, Rish Ghatikar, Kevin Kircher & more...) On the LBNL site, Building 90 (B-90) is a 1960’s vintage, 90,000 sq. ft., four-story building that is occupied by approximately 450 researchers and other staff (and growing!). In 2009, a team of EETD's Building Technologies Department researchers and facilities staff, with collaboration from subcontractors, initiated the B-90 Monitoring and Energy Information System (EIS) Project to understand the energy use and environmental conditions in B-90 in order to characterize the current performance of B-90 prior to any building retrofits. A particular focus is characterizing the thermal environment. Once complete, the project goals were to answer the following questions: How much energy is used for cooling? What is roughly the cooling load? What is the correlation between cooling and other attributes? What are the hot day comfort conditions and energy performance? Can we test the above on moderately hot days and predict performance on peak days? Are there specific areas where overheating occurs? Where? How often? How much? In the areas that overheat most, how much of the heat is attributed to different sources? What is the approximate end use energy breakdown in Building 90? To facilitate this, LBNL staff worked with a group of subcontractors comprised of Federspiel Controls (project coordination, wireless sensors, and software), Pulse Energy (EIS hardware, and software) and Power Standards Lab (Measurement systems, and software). The final stages of the project are underway. One key result of this project was a vision to measure, monitor, and analyze the building energy use by B-90 researchers and occupants using Web-based EIS and, potentially, use it as a case study for similar implementations within buildings. The LBNL B-90 staff with support by Pulse Energy will update the B-90 monitoring project, goals, and hardware and software infrastructure to the B-90 occupants with emphasis on user feedback and the new EIS features. This includes unveiling of the EIS for B-90 occupants and other interested stakeholders followed by a demonstration on the features and usefulness of the EIS in context to this B-90 monitoring project. Finally, future plans and a related series of projects (e.g., see and talks will also be discussed. LBNL and Pulse Energy staff will be available after the seminar to talk about any further feedback and discussion on experiences. For more information about this seminar, please contact: Rish Ghatikar(510) 486-6768

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