Negawatts vs. Megawatts: Recovering California’s Secret Energy Surplus

June 11, 2004 - 12:00pm
Bldg. 90
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A recent study commissioned by the Hewlett and Energy Foundations and entitled "California's Secret Energy Surplus" concluded that more than 50% of growth in California's electricity requirements over the next ten years could be met through investment in energy efficient buildings.  This could avoid construction of ten 500-megawatt power plants.  These plants, once built, will require transmission lines and substations to deliver the power.  1. California has billions of square feet of space that are ripe for investment.  Negawatt investments provide superior financial returns when compared to Megawatt investments.  But it's complicated.  (For purposes of this meeting, a given)  2. Building technologies have evolved and matured.  The commercial office building can become a dynamic (not static) load, therefore a peaker power option.  (For purposes of the meeting a given)  3. Financing the construction of ten 500 Negawatts plants with ten 50 Negawatt peak power plants thrown in.  A legal and finance initiative to facilitate the aggregation of loads.  (John Domingos, Energy Conservation Finance Institute).  Spend your lunch hour exploring an option that benefits the environment while meeting California's power needs in the most economic fashion.

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