Collage of EnergySmart Schools and Rebuilding Together logos

Past Projects

Are some examples of how EETD has been involved with its community.

EnergySmart Inventors

The EnergySmart Inventors competition took place early in 2001, thanks to funding from Owens-Corning, and to the considerable energy and enthusiasm devoted to its planning and execution by team members at the U.S. Department of Energy, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the sponsor and their contractors, and the many schools and students who participated. Although it has not been repeated in the same format, EnergySmart Inventors provides a useful template for future competitions to help spur interest among schoolchildren in the energy sciences.

Future Scientists

EETD scientists visit local schools to teach short lessons about energy and scientific research. This page provides resources for school visit volunteers.

Rebuilding Together Energy Teams

Berkeley Lab staff members have volunteered with other community members during the Albany-Berkeley-Emeryville Rebuilding Together’s annual April work weekend. Rebuilding Together renovates the homes of elderly and disabled residents. The Energy Teams were a special activity of Lab volunteers, who added energy- and water-saving measures to these homes.