FMC Corporation Recognizes Berkeley Lab Battery Researchers

May 2014

A team of scientists from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and Argonne National Laboratory was recognized by FMC Corporation, receiving its FMC Scientific Achievement Award. Aaron Reichl, Director of Technology for FMC Minerals, and Marina Yakovleva, Global Technical Programs Manager presented the award at a ceremony in April. The team performed fundamental research on FMC's lithium metal technology (SLMP®) and helped identify methodologies for applying the stabilized lithium metal powder in high-energy lithium-ion batteries for consumer and transportation applications. This work is part of the Integrated Laboratories and Industry Research Program, supported by the Batteries for Advanced Transportation Technologies Program of the Vehicle Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy. FMC Corporation is a global company, and world leading lithium products manufacturer.

This success illustrates the Berkeley Lab’s commitment to grow and develop its relationships and collaborations with Industry.

The Berkeley lab awardees are Principal Investigators Gao Liu, Vincent Battaglia and Andrew M. Minor, as well as Postdocs: Zhihui Wang, Bin Xiang, Sang-Jae Park, and Lei Wang.

Gao Liu’s research topics in lithium-ion rechargeable batteries include advanced electrode design and formulation, silicon-based anode materials, and electrode binder design and synthesis, electrolytes and additives.

Vince Battaglia works on electrode design and preparation process optimization, cell components integration, battery testing as well as failure analysis.

Andrew Minor's research group uses advanced electron microscopy-based materials characterization to investigate both organic and inorganic materials on topics such as nanomechanical size effects, lightweight alloy metallurgy, characterization of soft materials, and novel in-situ TEM methods for materials science research.