UC Berkeley's International House to Honor Wendy Schmidt and Ashok Gadgil as Alumni of the Year

International House Gala
April 2014

From University of California Berkeley, International House:

International House at UC Berkeley—one of the largest multi-national residential and programming cultural centers in the world—will honor philanthropist Wendy Schmidt and inventor Dr. Ashok Gadgil as Alumni of the Year 2014 at a gala celebration Thursday, April 10th, in its historic east bay facility...Dr. Ashok Gadgil lived at "I-House" in the 1970s and is a world-renowned inventor whose work bridges the wiser use of energy and public health fundamentals such as a water disinfection system that uses UV light, and a less-polluting, more efficient cooking stove created to aid millions of refugees in Darfur. Among the many national and international accolades his work has garnered are the World Technology Award for Energy, European Inventor Award, and Zayed Future Energy Prize. Dr. Gadgil is a UC Berkeley professor in civil and environmental engineering and a physicist with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and says "Living at International House is a kind of experimental laboratory where over lunch or doing laundry new relationships and new ideas can spark at any moment. It is a special place with its own remarkable energy. Ms. Schmidt and I were both lucky to have benefitted from these experiences and no doubt we share the values of International House in pursuing our work in the world today."