EETD’s Materials Project In Scientific American’s 2013 World-changing Ideas Issue

The Materials P roject
November 2013

In Scientific American magazine’s December 2013 issue, “World-changing ideas,” the cover story, “How supercomputers will yield a golden age of materials science,” sets the scene for the issue’s focus on practical innovations emerging from the laboratory.

In the article, MIT’s Gerbrand Ceder and Environmental Energy Technologies Division scientist Kristin Persson describe the Materials Project, a collaboration of researchers building a free, open-access database containing the fundamental thermodynamic and electronic properties of all known inorganic compounds.

Using high-throughput materials design, they hope to revolutionize the development of new materials leading to “breakthroughs that will transform computing, eliminate pollution, generate abundant clean energy and improve our lives in ways that are hard to imagine today.”

You can read the Scientific American article and learn more about the Materials Project, based at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, at the links below.