Department of Energy's Building Technologies Office Releases EnergyPlus V. 8.1

November 2013

November Special Focus: Energy Efficiency, Buildings and the Electric Grid

EnergyPlus is the Department of Energy's Building Technologies Office's free, open-source whole-building energy simulation engine. Developed by a diverse team of building physics researchers and mechanical engineers at the National Labs and various consultancies, EnergyPlus is the engine behind a large and growing number of tools for the design of energy-efficient buildings and their HVAC systems, for compliance with energy-efficiency codes and standards, and for building certification and rating through programs like USGBC's LEED and DOE's Commercial Building Energy Asset Score.

BTO has released an updated version of EnergyPlus with new features and enhancements, including:

  • Improved support for complex fenestration systems
  • Enhanced modeling of natural ventilation
  • A new comprehensive model for unitary (i.e., packaged, self-contained) HVAC systems
  • Many new HVAC system templates
  • New capabilities for modeling some types of faulty system operation

Pre-built installation packages are available for the Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. Source code is available as well.

Learn more about EnergyPlus and the tools that use it.

Development of EnergyPlus is coordinated through the Simulation Research Group of Berkeley Lab's Environmental Energy Technologies Division.