U.S.-China Ecopartnerships Website is Open, Seeks Private and Public Sector Partners

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May 2013

A select group of public, private and non-profit organizations from the U.S. and China have joined together in EcoPartnerships to pilot best practices in promoting economic growth, energy security and environmental sustainability.

EcoPartnerships are cooperative relationships between Chinese and U.S. entities who jointly demonstrate and share best practices that promote economic growth, energy security and environmental sustainability. Sub-national entities are often the best laboratories for testing new and innovative approaches, so EcoPartnerships are comprised of at least one U.S. and one Chinese participant from any of the following:

  • Private enterprise (companies, industry organizations);
  • Academia;
  • Non-governmental organizations; and/or
  • States, counties, cities

Each EcoPartnership develops and executes an Implementation Plan that defines specific actions (e.g. policies, technologies, tools) to be taken in one or more of the following focus areas:

To find out more, visit the Ecopartnerships website at the address below.