Apply for the ITRI-Rosenfeld Postdoctoral Fellowship

Art Rosenfeld
September 2012

The Environmental Energy Technologies Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory invites applications for the inaugural year of a postdoctoral fellowship opportunity. The fellowship will allow an outstanding recent or upcoming Ph.D. recipient to engage in innovative research leading to new energy efficiency technologies or policies and reduction of adverse energy-related environmental impacts. Applications for the fall 2013 term are due by November 30, 2012.

About the Fellowship

The ITRI-Rosenfeld Postdoctoral Fellowship recognizes the contribution of Arthur H. Rosenfeld, Ph.D., to the advancement of energy efficiency on a global scale. In the 1970s, Dr. Rosenfeld pioneered energy efficiency technology research at what would become the Berkeley Lab’s Environmental Energy Technologies Division. Today, EETD carries out world-class research on advanced energy technologies, energy analysis, and environmental impacts of energy use.

The Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan (ITRI) is a nonprofit research and development organization engaging in applied research and technical services. ITRI is committed to developing sustainable energy and environment technologies for a better future.

The fellowship aims to foster the visionary thinking exemplified by Dr. Rosenfeld, by supporting postdoctoral researchers who can demonstrate a strong research interest and leadership in the area of improving energy efficiency.

The ITRI-Rosenfeld Fellowship is enabled by a gift from ITRI and by the support of the Environmental Energy Technologies Division at Berkeley Lab.

Appointment Term and Benefits

The successful applicant will serve a one-year term appointment with the possibility of a one-year renewal.  The fellowship includes a competitive salary and benefits package and a relocation allowance for moves greater than 50 miles from Berkeley Lab. The fellowship recipient will receive a research allowance up to $10,000 per fellowship year to cover expenses for professional development activities.

Fellowship Participant Expectations

It is expected that ITRI-Rosenfeld Fellowship participants will carry out innovative research in the energy and environment area, publish impactful papers in peer-reviewed journals, present seminars at EETD and attend major conferences. Additional expectations include a final report at fellowship conclusion to include: a brief summary of the research conducted and copies of publications resulting from the research.

For more information on how to apply, see the ITRI Rosenfeld Fellowship website.

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