Home Energy Saver and Home Energy Scoring Tool: Recent Papers and Application Programming Interfaces

August 2012

The development team for EETD’s energy self-audit websites, Home Energy Saver and Home Energy Scoring Tool, has made four new papers available:

  1. An in-depth assessment of Home Energy Saver calculation accuracy, along with a broader discussion of the issues and challenges in validating residential energy analysis tools. The bottom line is that—given high-quality inputs on both the physical characteristics and occupant behavior—HES is accurate within 1%, on average, over collections of dissimilar homes in diverse climates.

    Get the Paper > Parker, D., E. Mills, L. Rainer, N.J. Bourassa, and G. Homan. 2012. "Accuracy of the Home Energy Saver Energy Calculation Methodology."

  2. Debut of the new Home Energy Scoring Tool (and its accuracy), which EETD has developed for DOE in support of the just-launched national Home Energy Score Program. The team recently completed application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable qualified users to embed the scoring tool procedures into their own software. You can read more about it and the onboarding process here.

    Get the Paper > Bourassa, N.J., L.I. Rainer, E. Mills, and J. Glickman. 2012. "The Home Energy Scoring Tool: A Simplified Asset Rating for Single Family Homes."

  3. A review of the team’s experience to-date creating web services and APIs for building energy models, with some very innovative examples of how people are using them in the marketplace. These services allow software developers to rapidly incorporate the back-end functionality of the Home Energy Saver consumer or professional tools, as well as the Home Energy Scoring Tool into their own tools. The team is now adding functionality for multifamily buildings, which you can read more about here.

    Get the Paper > Mills, E. and P. Mathew. 2012. "Web Services that Foster Innovation in Buildings Energy Analysis Tools."

  4. A review of the development team’s foray into social media, focusing on the launch and strong growth of the Home Energy Pros network for home performance professionals. We’re approaching 3000 members. Join the conversation!

    Get the Paper > Chojnowski, D., K. Straub, E. Mills, and T. White. 2012. "Online Communities for Creating Change: Home Energy Pros."