Profile of EETD Researcher Brian Gerke in Symmetry Magazine

July 2012

From Symmetry Magazine, a publication of Fermilab and SLAC:

Brian Gerke follows the second law of thermodynamics: He likes to spread his energy in different directions.

An English major who also studied physics—not physics for poets, but a rigorous second major in physics—Gerke has always prized a full, diverse life.

So even though it wasn't an easy decision after 10 years in cosmology research, he stepped off the well-trod path leading to a faculty position a year ago to pursue energy-efficiency research.

"Basic research is very important and exciting; I'm really glad I spent a decade in cosmology," Gerke says. "And that preparation has served me very well in my new technical field, where I'm using my training to produce more immediate outcomes."

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