EETD Research on the Discovery Channel

Drawn picture of a TV
October 1999

Your New House, a home improvement show airing on the Discovery channel, will broadcast two segments about advanced energy-efficient technologies in development in the Environmental Energy Technologies Division on October 5 and 7.

The October 5th show will air segments showcasing research on three technologies at Berkeley Lab's Environmental Energy Technologies Division. In the first, Berkeley Lab researchers Paul Berdahl and Hashem Akbari discuss how cool roofing materials help reduce air conditioning bills by reflecting solar radiation from a home's roof. Aerogel, an extremely lightweight material that makes an excellent insulator, is described by researcher Arlon Hunt. Finally, Robert Cheng demonstrates the "low-swirl" burner, which emits nitrogen oxide levels below national and California state ambient air quality standards.

During the second show airing October 7th, Your New House visits a demonstration site, in the Oakland Federal Center, of an integrated building system designed to maximize the energy efficiency of commercial offices, while keeping their occupants comfortable. Berkeley Lab researcher Eleanor Lee explains the technology.

These shows air at 6 p.m., Pacific and Eastern times, and 7 p.m., Central time. Check local listings for further details.