A Tsunami Relief Project: Providing Safe Drinking Water

Photo of the "UV Waterworks" device
January 2005

Berkeley Lab scientist Dr. Ashok Gadgil is the inventor of "UV Waterworks", a device that can purify drinking water for a refugee camp or a village of 2,000 for about one cent per person per week. For emergency relief use, WaterHealth International, the company manufacturing the technology, has enhanced this core with raw and clean water tanks, pumps, filters, and electronic controllers. WHI will ship these devices on a cost recovery basis, for about $10,000 per unit, forgoing their normal profit on the product. Through a cooperative effort between WHI and several organizations, including the International Finance Corporation (IFC), philanthropic entities and Global Giving, there exists the ability to leverage a $1 tax-deductible contribution to achieve $4 of direct relief in Sri Lanka and India.