White House Honors Federal Agency Teams for Saving Energy

Portrait of Alex Lekov
October 2006

Alex Lekov of LBNL's EES Group (together with Bill Golove) was a recipient of the 2006 Presidential Award for Leadership in Federal Energy Management as part of a larger team representing the U.S. Postal Service Pacific Area Energy Program Committee. The USPS received this award for completing over $100 million of clean energy retrofits in their facilities during FY 2004 and 2005. Berkeley Lab team was instrumental both in designing the administrative structure of the program and providing comprehensive technical assistance with the selection of technologies and the calculation of benefits. In the DOE press release, note that the USPS project is responsible for savings of 9 million dollars and 340 billion Btu, which represents about three-quarters of both the dollars and the annual energy savings for all five projects.