Energy Secretary Chu's Copenhagen Talk References EETD Research

Photo of U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu
December 2009

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu's talk at the Climate Conference in Copenhagen contained several slides referencing research being performed in the Environmental Energy Technologies Division here at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Home Energy Saver—Slide 13 references the Home Energy Saver, an online energy auditing tool to help homeowners, and now professional energy auditors, do an evaluation of your own home's energy use and create a list of customized energy efficiency recommendations. See Home Energy Saver, and Home Energy Saver Pro.

Berkeley Lab scientists are conducting near-zero energy buildings research now—see Environmental Energy Technologies Division News, Vol. 8, No. 2.

Energy-efficient lighting for the developing world—Slides 25 and 26 address lighting efficiency research. The Lumina Project mentioned in slide 26 is based at Berkeley Lab.

Energy efficient appliance and equipment standards, slides 28 and 29, have been analyzed by Berkeley Lab scientists since the 1970s, with the results of these analyses informing the work of the Department of Energy, the state of California and other entities ever since.