From the Lab to the Marketplace (1995)

Government Partnerships

An image of the White House as it appears on the cover of the Greening of the White House report.

The American Institute Of Architects
3D Computer Modeling, rendering and graphics by France Israel and Mieczyslaw Boryslawski of View By View, Inc., San Francisco CA, © Copyright 1994

Buildings research at LBNL has helped several Administrations improve efficiency in federal buildings as a means of saving taxpayer dollars and of providing national leadership by example. During the 1980s, LBNL researchers helped the Department of Housing and Urban Development to track energy use and identify ways of reducing the $1 billion per year energy bill in public housing. Their research also led to new legislation that removes barriers to energy efficiency in public housing and establishes new business opportunities for private energy service companies. In our most recent effort, we were members of an elite team charged with carrying out the "Greening of the White House" project, unveiled by President Clinton on Earth Day 1994. LBNL researchers have provided technical support to DOE's own In-House Energy Management Program, which has achieved annual savings of approximately $155 million in DOE energy bills. The Laboratory supports the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) and will play a key role in carrying out a high-profile energy management project at the San Francisco Presidio (a former military base, transferred to the National Park Service in 1994) on behalf of FEMP. LBNL researchers are working with the Federal Aviation Administration to identify advanced energy-efficient technologies and modeling tools that can upgrade the work environment in the nation's air traffic control towers and facilities, improving comfort, visibility, and equipment reliability, and thereby improving air travel safety.

President Clinton speaking at an Earth Day 1994 celebration.  Audience members include cabinet members, Vice President Al Gore and a CFL production employee.

At an Earth Day 1994 celebration, President Clinton extols the benefits of a compact fluorescent lamp, while a CFL production employee looks on. Also in attendance were Vice President Al Gore and eight cabinet members. Photo by Marvin Jones, courtesy Osram Sylvania, Inc.