EnergySmart School Inventors

EnergySmart School Inventors

Miniature Hydroelectric Power Plant


An assembled Pelton with a the small 4-phase generator next to it.

Attached are some pix of the large Pelton assembled. We're still missing a couple of parts. Next to it is the small 4-phase generator (requires a bridge rectifier). Phil's come up with a large DC motor which does just as well - we load tested it on the small Pelton and it's roughly like 300 mils@9V, 200 mils@10V, 100 mills@12V. This is with the water flow throttled back! Phil would like to see this motor on the small Pelton. The small Pelton is actually fairly large, and with the large motor on it, it will be a countertop model also. Anyone have a problem with that? All I have to do is stick some rubber feet on the bottom of it, and put some sort of outrigger on it to support the motor. It will then have a horizontal nozzle (undershot wheel), but that's no problem either.

PS: I still haven't seen hide nor hair of the plastic version of the large Pelton wheel. This bronze version, as I mentioned before I bought it, bothers me because of its large polar moment of inertia. It will be fine in steady state operation; I'm just concerned you won't get much energy out if you use it on a kitchen tap because it will take too long to come up to speed, I think. We'll know soon.