Electric power lines and climate change model

Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division

The Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division analyzes U.S. and global energy consumption and the associated social, economic, and environmental impacts, including human health, and emissions reduction.

Researchers conduct R&D and provide technical assistance to governments on:

  • Lifecycle analysis of products and industries;
  • How energy use affects health in the indoor environment;
  • Energy markets and utility policy;
  • Renewable energy policy and economics;
  • Energy efficiency standards and codes;
  • International energy and environmental impacts in the developed and developing worlds, including China and India;
  • Building energy use, including energy-using equipment, and information networks.

The China Energy Group works collaboratively with groups in China and elsewhere to understand the dynamics of energy use in China and strengthen capabilities of Chinese institutions to promote energy efficiency.

The Electricity Markets and Policy Group conducts technical, economic, and policy analysis of energy topics centered on the U.S. electricity sector. 

The Energy Efficiency Standards Group analyzes technical, economic, and environmental aspects of more efficient appliances and equipment used in all sectors, except transportation, both in the United States and internationally.

The Indoor Environment Group performs research that aims to maintain healthy and productive indoor environments while buildings are made more energy efficient.

The International Energy Studies Group's primary goal is to assist countries to achieve sustainable clean energy by improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions and impacts.