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Bill Bordass

Principal & CEO, and Technical Director
Usable Buildings Trust (UBT), UK

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Bill Bordass studies technical and energy performance of buildings and works closely with human factors specialists. He is a member of the Probe team, which since 1995 has undertaken UK government-supported post-occupancy studies of recent buildings and published them in Building Services, the Journal of CIBSE (the British equivalent of ASHRAE). Dr. Bill Bordass is a scientist who joined the multi-disciplinary designers RMJM London in the 1970s, developed their environmental design and building services consultancy, and worked on energy surveys and the design of energy efficient public and commercial buildings. In the process he became interested in building performance and for the last 20 years has run William Bordass Associates, which does strategy, monitoring, troubleshooting, research and technical writing. He has worked on energy benchmarks and case studies in the UK, post-occupancy surveys including the Probe series in Building Services - the CIBSE Journal, and more recently a feedback system for the building industry and its clients and a prototype system for operational ratings for office buildings in Europe. He is also technical director of the Usable Buildings Trust - a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving building performance by the better use of feedback.

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Donn, Michael, Stephen E. Selkowitz, and Bill Bordass. "Simulation in the Service of Design - Asking the Right Questions." In 11th International Building Performance Simulation Association Conference - Building Simulation '09., 2009. Download: PDF (544.41 KB)