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California Building Performance Contractors Association (CBPCA) helps green contractors identify and perform quality Green Home Energy Upgrades - our name for comprehensive (i.e., whole-house) energy efficiency improvements that improve homeowner's comfort and indoor air quality while lowering their energy bills. We are a non-profit, utility-sponsored organization dedicated to improving residential energy efficiency in California.

California Home Energy Efficiency Rating System, Inc. (CHEERS) is a California Statewide non-profit organization dedicated to promoting energy efficiency. A CHEERS Rating is a nationally recognized and accredited computerized analysis of the specific home being inspected that can be used to secure additional financing for improvements, to identify an existing home's energy efficiency and to identify "cost-effective" energy improvements that will reduce the costs of electric and gas utility bills.

The California Energy Commission is required by Public Resources Code Section 25942 to establish regulations for a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Program to certify home energy rating services in California. The goal of the program is to provide reliable information to differentiate the energy efficiency levels among California homes and to guide investment in cost-effective home energy efficiency measures.

Verification of a home's energy efficiency by a third party verifier is an integral step in acquiring the ENERGY STAR® label and certificate. Verification is generally dependent upon the construction method used to build the home.

HERS (Home Energy Rating Systems) provide a standardized evaluation of a home's energy efficiency and expected energy costs. A home energy rating can qualify a home owner or home buyer for an energy efficient mortgage (EEM) or an energy improvement mortgage (EIM).

The Northeast Home Energy Rating System (NE HERS) Alliance was formed in 1998 to foster, unify and promote HERS programs in the Northeast (i.e. New England, New York and New Jersey). Since that time, the Alliance and its 20+ member organizations have developed goals and objectives for achieving its mission of standardizing and increasing home energy ratings (HERS), energy mortgages (EM's), and ENERGY STAR® Homes throughout the region.