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The community is comprised of industry executives, scientists, policymakers, entrepreneurs, consultants and investors worldwide. From the latest news on ethanol and biodiesel to biomass and biobased products, stay informed with Industry insiders turn to for the latest updates on university research, new product technologies, start-up businesses and research collaborations that are all part of the emerging Bioeconomy.

Energy Central is a hub on the Internet for electric power professionals searching for information, products and services related to the energy industry. By teaming with companies that service the energy industry, Energy Central provides a broad base of information products—news, directories, events, databases, books, periodicals, reports—all focused on a single industry and all accessible from a single site on the World Wide Web. If your job requires you to know what's happening in the electric power industry, Energy Central is the site where you begin.

Energy source news is not difficult to find, the internet and newspapers are full of energy related news, but the accuracy of these sources is often low quality. Visit this website to get informed, and learn more about the many types of alternative energy, like renewables, photovoltaic, solar, wind, green alternative and nuclear.

The Environmental News Network (ENN) gathers, sifts, selects and publishes environmental news from a variety of trusted global sources, large and small 24 hours a day. We recognize that the planet is in a historic state of rapid transformation moving into a critical period of crisis, change and opportunity. With this website we aim daily to deliver news and information that supports better environmental decisions and progressive coherent change.

The Environment News Service (ENS) exists to present late-breaking environmental news in a fair and balanced manner. ENS contributors around the world cover issues and events that affect the environment such as: legislation, politics, conferences, lawsuits, international agreements, demonstrations, science and technology, public health, air quality, drinking water, oceans and marine life, land use, wildlife, forests, natural disasters, the indoor environment, hazardous materials, toxics, nuclear issues, renewable energy, recycling, transportation, and environmental economics.

Green Building is part of Business Exchange. Green building is the practice of increasing the efficiency with which buildings use resources—energy, water, and materials—while reducing building impacts on human health and the environment, through better siting, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal—the complete building life cycle. Read updated news, blogs, and resources about Green Building at this website.

Green Business is part of Business Exchange. Green businesses aim to solve both environmental and social problems, instead of causing them. In addition, they adopt principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for their customers, employees, communities and the environment. Creating more green businesses is a core part of President Obama’s economic stimulus plan. Visit this website to read updated news, blogs, and resources about Green Business.

The first issue of the weekly Energies newsletter was published in 1996. Green Energy News incorporated the following year. The publication was developed to offer news and commentary in regards to clean, efficient and/or renewable energy in relation to business, technology, issues and policy. Green Energy News is geared to a wide audience ranging from consumers to industry professionals to the educational community to government officials.

Green Technology is part of Business Exchange. Green technology, also referred to as clean technology or cleantech, is new technology and related business models offering competitive returns for investors and customers while providing solutions to global challenges. Cleantech is driven by market economics therefore offering greater financial upside and sustainability. Read updated news, blogs, and resources about Green Technology here.

A listing of links to the latest New York energy-related news stories .

Sustainable Design is part of Business Exchange. Sustainable design, also referred to as green design, eco-design, or design for the environment, is the art of designing physical objects, the built environment, and services to comply with the principles of economic, social, and ecological sustainability. It ranges from the microcosm of designing small objects for everyday use, to designing buildings, cities, and the earth's physical surface. It is a growing trend within the fields of architecture, construction, and landscape design. Read updated news, blogs, and resources about Sustainable Design at this website.

The EERE News site offers a variety of resources and news for media and others who are interested in learning more about the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) at the U.S. Department of Energy. Here you'll find press releases, newsletters, speeches, featured stories and links from the EERE home page, and other resources detailing EERE's most recent activities and efforts.

The World News Network's purpose is to give a truly international perspective on world events. Visit this portion of their website to read the latest energy-related news.

This site offers links to Yahoo's collection of current news stories related to energy.