Vladimir Bazjanac

Vladimir Bazjanac

Simulation Research Group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road MS 90R3111
Berkeley CA 94720
Office Location: 90-3104
(510) 486-4092

Vladimir Bazjanac, Ph.D., is a Staff Scientist in the Building Technology and Urban Systems Department and leader of buildingSMART International (bSi) Technical Advisory Group, Member of the bSi International Management Committee and the bSi Software Implementation Support Group. Former long-time faculty member in the Department of Architecture, University of California at Berkeley. He won national architectural design, industry and scientific awards. Published over 120 articles, papers and reports related to the AECO industry on design theory, simulation, information technology, and software interoperability. Lectured at major universities and professional societies in both Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia. He has a Doctorate of Philosophy (system simulation) from the University of California, Berkeley, an MA of Architecture and Urban Design, Washington University, St. Louis, MO, and a DiplomIngenieur Architect, University of Zagreb, Croatia.

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Bazjanac, Vladimir. "Early Lessons from Deployment of IFC Compatible Software." In European Community Product and Process Modeling Conference (ECPPM 2003). Portoroz, Slovania, 2002. Download: PDF (85.09 KB)
Bazjanac, Vladimir, James Forester, Philip Haves, Darko Sucic, and Peng Xu. "HVAC Component Data Modeling Using Industry Foundation Classes." In 5th International Conference on System Simulation in Buildings 2002. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on System Simulation in Buildings 2002. Liege, Belgium, 2002. Download: PDF (142.78 KB)


Bazjanac, Vladimir. "Acquisition of Building Geometry in the Simulation of Energy Performance." In 7th International IBPSA Conference Building Simulation 2001, 305-312. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2001. Download: PDF (114.57 KB)


Bazjanac, Vladimir, and Drury B. Crawley. "The Implementation of Industry Foundation Classes in Simulation Tools for the Building Industry." In Building '97 Simulation Conference. Prague, Czech Republic, 1997. Download: PDF (327.96 KB)


Bazjanac, Vladimir, and Frederick C. Winkelmann. "Daylighting Design for the Pacific Museum of Flight: Energy Impacts." In 1989 International Daylighting Conference Proceedings II, 277., 1988. Download: PDF (1.95 MB)


Selkowitz, Stephen E., and Vladimir Bazjanac. "Thermal Performance of Managed Window Systems." ASHRAE Transactions 85 (1979). Download: PDF (916.34 KB)

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