Portrait of Ryan Triolo

Ryan Triolo

China Energy Group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road MS 90R2002
Berkeley CA 94720
Office Location: 090-2117V
(510) 486-7666

Ryan Triolo is a research affiliate with the China Energy Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Ryan’s work with the China Energy Group has focused on energy efficiency in China’s industrial sector and low-carbon pathways for the electricity sector to 2050.

Ryan is currently a graduate student at Stanford University where he is earning a joint master’s degree in Public Policy and International Policy Studies where his area of concentration is “Energy, Environment and Natural Resources.” His studies have focused on energy-economic modeling in the electricity and transportation sectors. He has worked as an energy consultant for the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Energy Resources and LCG Consulting in Los Altos, California. He received an undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley where he worked as a research associate with the Agricultural and Resource Economics Department and has studied at Beijing Normal University.

柳瑞安在伯克利国家实验室中国能源研究室是一家碩士生研究助理。瑞安的研究一直专注于中国工业部门能源效率与电力部门到2050年的低碳途径。瑞安是斯坦福大学公共政策方案的硕士研究生,他的研究区域是《能源,环境和自然资源政策》。他的研究都集中在电力和交通运输部门的能源经济模型。他曾担任一位能源顾问跟美国国务院与LCG咨询(加州Los Altos)。瑞安毕业了伯克利加州大学。在伯克利大学农业和资源经济学系他担任研究助理。2008年他也读于北京师范大学。

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