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Richard Jimmerson

American Registry for Internet Numbers

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Richard Jimmerson is the Chief Information Officer of the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN). Richard focuses primarily on increasing awareness within the Internet community about the impending depletion of IPv4 address space and the need to adopt the next generation of the Internet Protocol, IPv6. Richard joined ARIN in 1998, and has managed both registration services and corporate operations. He also managed global communications and technical transition projects during the creation of two new RIRs – LACNIC (Latin America and parts of the Caribbean) and AfriNIC (Africa). In 2007, he took on the job of CIO to dedicate himself to community outreach and education efforts. Prior to ARIN, Richard managed information systems for the United States Marine Corps. Richard is an expert on all matters related to Internet number resources and the Regional Internet Registry system. He has spoken at numerous Internet industry events throughout the world on technical issues related to IPv6 adoption and other matters facing the Internet community.