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Maurice Ayache

Electrochemical Technologies Group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road MS 70R0108B
Berkeley CA 94720
Office Location: 70-0193
(510) 486-4678

Maurice Ayache has been a postdoctoral fellow at LBNL since February 2013.  As a member of the BATT program, he researches applications of advanced optical and scanning probe techniques to electrochemical materials for next generation battery technology, with a specific interest in the morphology and chemical composition of interfacial layers.

Dr. Ayache received a B.S. in engineering physics from Cornell University, and a M.S. in photonics from Boston University where his work under Prof. Anna Swan focused on resonance Rayleigh spectroscopy of carbon nanotubes.  He then earned his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of California, San Diego under Prof. Yeshaiahu Fainman, with thesis work discussing applications of near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM) to integrated photonic devices.  In addition to his work in battery materials, Dr. Ayache holds a strong interest in nanoscale optics and silicon photonics.

He has received the Cymer Fellowship in Applied Optics and Photonics at UCSD, as well as the Cornell Presidential Research Scholarship.