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Malick Kane

Engineering Division
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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Mr. Malick Kane is a post-doc visitor in the department of engineering (LBNL). He created the EnefTech core concept while completing his PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). His previous work experience has been with the Laboratory of Industrial Energy (LENI) of the Department of Mechanics at EPFL, and as a project engineer in STUCKY consulting engineers (Switzerland).  He has worked on several engineering projects involving co-generation systems, solar power systems, desalination power plant systems, and most importantly the organic rankine cycle (ORC) scroll project, which led to the development of the EnefTech core energy system.  Mr. Kane has authored and co-authored several scientific papers on his work since 1995. While developing sustainable energy systems, based on solar thermal, solar/fossil, bio-gas motor and ORC units, to name a few, he has developed extensive project management experience, as well as thermo-mechanical engineering expertise, including solar energy systems expertise.