Kristina LaCommare

Kristina LaCommare

Grid Integration Group
Electricity Markets and Policy Group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road MS 90R4000
Berkeley CA 94720
Office Location: 90-4126I
(510) 486-4718

Kristina Hamachi LaCommare is a Program Manager in the Electricity Markets and Policy Group. She works with a number of groups in the Energy Technologies Area to help manage group finances, subcontracts, and budgets. On the research side, she analyzes efforts to track distribution electricity reliability and improve the methods used to calculate and report reliability metrics and has also helped DOE support the preparation of the National Transmission Grid Study. She has been with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory since 1999.

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Rubio, F. Javier, Afzal S. Siddiqui, Chris Marnay, and Kristina Hamachi LaCommare. CERTS Customer Adoption Model. Berkeley: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2001. Download: PDF (1.44 MB)
Siddiqui, Afzal S., Chris Marnay, Kristina Hamachi LaCommare, and F. Javier Rubio. "Customer Adoption of Small-Scale On-Site Power Generation." In European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy Summer Study 2001. Mandelieu, France: LBNL, 2001. Download: PDF (110.74 KB)
Marnay, Chris, Kristina Hamachi LaCommare, Mark Khavkin, and Afzal S. Siddiqui. "Direct Participation of Electrical Loads in the California Independent System Operator Markets During the Summer of 2000." In European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy Summer Study, 23. Mandelieu, France: LBNL, 2001. Download: PDF (331.13 KB)


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