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Joe Iannucci

Distributed Utility Associates

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Joe Iannucci of Distributed Utility Associates, a small consulting firm in Livermore specializing in distributed resources, will speak on his experiences in the evolution of the Distributed Utility Concept. Distributed Utility Associates provides a broad range of consulting services for a wide array of clients in the energy industry. DUA specializes in financial, benefit, market, applications, and R&D related evaluations of distributed energy resources (DERs). DERs are modular electric technologies: distributed generation (DG) including renewable energy resources, distributed energy storage, geographically targeted energy efficiency, geographically targeted demand management (DSM), and related control and communications subsystems. DUA's offices are in Livermore, California, although associates required for specialized consulting are located throughout the country. DUA currently has seven employees, four of whom are former utility staff, and nearly a dozen close associates with a broad range of analytical, technical, engineering, and planning experience, mostly utility and research related.