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Jérôme Kaempf

Solar Energy and Building Physics Lab (LESO-PB)

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 Jérôme H. Kaempf started his undergraduate studies in Physics at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland). He took the opportunity to go abroad on a student exchange program to the University of Kent at Canterbury (UK). He graduated with a master in Physics after a diploma work in Monte-Carlo simulation of γ-rays at the Hammersmith Hospital (Imperial College - West London, UK). He joined the Solar Energy and Building Physics Lab (LESO-PB) at EPFL and worked for two years as a graduate assistant on different projects related to Daylighting. With his growing interest in Computer Science, Jérôme started a degree in CS at the University of Lausanne and graduated with a diploma work in Optimisation with Evolutionary Algorithms. He then completed a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education for High School and came back to LESO-PB to do a PhD under Swiss Government Funding. His PhD topic is about optimisation and energetic simulation of buildings at the urban scale.He will be a Visiting Scientist in the Simulation Research Group at EETD during the month of June, 2008. For questions, please contact Michael Wetter (MWetter@lbl.gov)