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Florian Lennert

Associate Director, LSE Enterprise

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Florian advises and leads on LSE Enterprise strategic projects with a particular focus on Germany and environmental innovation. He holds a BSc in Economics and an MSc in Public Policy and Public Administration from LSE and has worked with LSE in a senior role for over 15 years. From 1999-2007 he was Director of Corporate Relations at LSE and responsible for university-business research collaboration, corporate partnerships and international business development, including the LSE Asia Forum and the establishment of LSE offices in New York and New Delhi. Previously, Florian co-founded the LSE Centre for the Analysis of Risk and Regulation and has been involved in launching a number of interdisciplinary research centers and institutes at the LSE. A native of Berlin, Florian has in the past worked with the German Institute of Urban Research and the German federal privatization agency. Florian advises research institutions and technology-transfer ventures on research development and commercialization strategies. He is a Visiting Fellow at the LSE Grantham Research Institute for Climate and Environment. He currently leads the Intelligent City Forum in Berlin, a renewable energy and mobility research and technology transfer center in Berlin, Germany.