Ali Hasanbeigi

Ali Hasanbeigi

China Energy Group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road MS 90R2002
Berkeley CA 94720
Office Location: 90-2116
(510) 495-2479

Ali Hasanbeigi is a principal scientific engineering associate in the China Energy Group of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His research on industrial energy-efficiency and low emissions industrial development is applied to give support to industries in China and around the world, especially the cement, iron and steel, textile, and pulp and paper sectors, to improve energy efficiency and reduce their GHGs and air pollutants emissions. He has developed both bottom-up and top-down energy models and conducted studies that can be used by industry or policy makers worldwide. In addition, he is actively working on the development of various technology guidebook, analytical tools such as energy auditing tools, benchmarking tools, and techno-economic analysis tools for energy efficiency technologies and alternative fuel use projects, which are used for training purposes in China. Dr. Hasanbeigi served as a contributing author for chapter 10 on “Industry” of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report of Working Group III. He has also worked as an international consultant for the World Bank to assess the potential for energy efficiency in the cement industry in China and for UNIDO to assess the potential for energy saving in industrial motor systems in six countries/region around the world. He received his bachelor and master degree in textile technology engineering and his Ph.D. in energy technology.

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Morrow, III, William R., John Marano, Jayant A. Sathaye, Ali Hasanbeigi, and Tengfang T. Xu. Energy Efficiency Improvements Potential in the U.S. Petroleum Refining Industry In 2014 ECEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry. Arnhem, the Netherlands: The European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, 2014.
Hasanbeigi, Ali, Zeyi Jiang, and Lynn K. Price. Why the Energy Use of Chinese Steel Industry May Peak As Early As 2015? In 2014 ECEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry. the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, 2014.


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