Office building exterior and infrared thermograph

High Tech and Industrial Systems

Some of the largest energy users in today’s economy are high tech buildings and industrial systems. They operate up to 24 hours per day with energy intensities much greater than typical commercial or residential buildings, and they are essential to the national economy.

High-tech buildings, such as laboratories, cleanrooms, data centers, and hospitals, are characterized by large base-loads, continuous operation, and high energy-use intensities. These buildings crosscut many industries and institutions. Activities and products include: benchmarking surveys and metrics, case study reports, technology development, technology demonstrations, assessment and profiling tools, best practice guides, workshops, training guides, and development of other strategies.

Industrial energy uses in traditional manufacturing and processing facilities are highly variable from sector to sector, as well as within sectors. LBNL research seeks to identify characteristics and operating practices related to industrial systems, processes, controls architecture, management structures, business practices, and technologies, that can contribute positively to the ability of industrial facilities to manage their energy use for continual improvement and to respond to dynamic grid conditions.

High tech buildings and industrial systems represent an attractive and often untapped opportunity for energy savings. The High Tech and Industrial Systems group works to improve the energy efficiency of both through research, development, demonstrations, and deployment.