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February 2010

Lynn Price speaks at the Carbon Cycle 2.0 kick-off symposium Feb. 2, 2010.

Carbon Cycle 2.0 - Lynn Price: Energy Demand in China

Mary Ann Piette speaks at the Carbon Cycle 2.0 kick-off symposium Feb. 2, 2010

Carbon Cycle 2.0 - Mary Ann Piette: Impact of Efficient Buildings

January 2010

Policies to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency have been gaining momentum throughout the world, often justified by environmental and energy security concerns. This presentation first...

Distinguished Lecture Series: Jim Sweeney — Energy Efficiency and Renewables: Market and Behavioral Failures

December 2009

2009 Friendship Summit-Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of US-China Diplomatic Relations. From the panel on Renewable Energy in US and China Market we hear from Mark Levine, Founder, China Energy...

Mark Levine Talks About China and Its Energy

Last March, more than two years after California passed legislation to slash greenhouse gas emissions 25 percent by 2020, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory scientist Marc Fischer boarded a Cessna...

Where Do California's Greenhouse Gases Come From?

November 2009

The first portion of the lecture will relate global energy challenges to trends in personal transportation. Following this introduction, a short overview of technology associated with lithium ion...

Distinguished Lecture Series: Mark Verbrugge — Electrochemical Energy Storage Technologies and the Automotive Industry: Drivers, Needs, and Recent Research Results

October 2009

Carbon productivity has to be increased to maintain our lifestyle. Nick Hodson, Principal, McKinsey and Company, argues that energy efficiency can significantly grow GDP by making the economy more...

Energy Efficiency: The Challenge and the Opportunity

September 2009

Mark Levine from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), provides an overview of energy efficiency policy in China at the China-US Energy Efficiency Alliance Roundtable Event.

Energy Efficiency Policy in China: An Overview by Mark Levine

July 2009

Secretary Steven Chu discusses the benefits of switching to white roofs and light colored pavements.

White Roofs

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