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November 2010

Berkeley Lab scientists reveal the latest research on how to reduce your carbon footprint at home, work, and when you shop. Learn how even small choices can have a big impact. Iain Walker's research...

Science at the Theatre - Putting Carbon in Its Place: What You Can Do

October 2010

Berkeley Lab scientists discuss how cool roofs can cool your building, your city ... and our planet.

Science at the Theatre - Cool Cities, Cool Planet

A great deal of "green architecture" does not work and the failures are not discussed because failures dealing with green don't fit into the environmentalist "template" of green being easy and cost-...

Distinguished Lecture Series: Joseph Lstiburek — Don't Do Stupid Things—Green Architecture, Engineering and Construction

September 2010

Learn how families in Africa, using stoves designed by Berkeley Lab, are at the forefront of global carbon reduction.

Science at the Theatre - Trading Carbon: Can Cookstoves Light the Way?

August 2010

Yakout Mansour will offer his perspectives on the key challenges facing continued operation of reliable, economically efficient, and environmentally responsible electric power systems, including...

Distinguished Lecture Series: Yakout Mansour — Striking the Balance: Reliability, Cost, and the Environment

Berkeley Lab researchers Delia Milliron of the Materials Sciences Division and Stephen Selkowitz of the Environmental Energy Technologies Division talk about their work on energy-saving smart windows.

Summer Lecture Series - Carbon Smackdown: Smart Windows

July 2010

Learn how Berkeley Lab scientists are developing wind turbines to be used in an urban setting, as well as analyzing what it will take to increase the adoption of wind energy in the U.S.

Summer Lecture Series - Carbon Smackdown: Wind Warriors

The average American uses 11400 Watts of power continuously. This is the equivalent of burning 114 x100 Watt light bulbs, all the time. The average person globally uses 2255 Watts of power, or a...

Distinguished Lecture Series: Saul Griffith — Balancing the Energy and Climate Budget: Personally, Nationally, Globally

Lab scientists Jeff Long of the Materials Sciences and Nancy Brown of the Environmental Energy Technologies Division discuss their efforts to fight climate change by capturing carbon from the flue...

Summer Lecture Series - Carbon Smackdown: Carbon Capture

Learn how efficient cookstoves for the developing world — from Darfur to Ethiopia and beyond — are reducing carbon dioxide emissions, saving forests, and improving health. Berkeley Lab's Ashok Gadgil...

Summer Lecture Series - Carbon Smackdown: Cookstoves for the Developing World

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