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September 2011

Building energy data around the world have been provided based on statistical data combined with some case studies for both office and residential buildings. Very large differences in energy use have...

Distinguished Lecture Series: Yi Jang — How is Building Energy Use Related with Occupants Behaviors and the Building Usage Modes

August 2011

The widespread integration of renewable, intermittent energy sources such as wind or solar is dependent upon the development of efficient large-scale energy storage systems for load-leveling the...

Distinguished Lecture Series: Linda Nazar — Energy Materials and Climate Change

July 2011

Merrian Fuller from the Environmental Energy Technologies Division appeared on July 26th, 2011 for this installment of "Sit Down with Sabin," a conversation in which former reporter Sabin Russell...

Sit Down With Sabin: Merrian Fuller: Efficiency for Sale. Who's Buying?

Andre Anders, a senior scientist with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, leads the team that develops technology for "smart" windows. The window glass lets more or less light into a building...

'Smart' Windows Adjust to Outside Climate

June 2011

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory battery scientist Venkat Srinivasan appears June 29, 2011 on "Sit Down with Sabin," a weekly conversation in which former reporter Sabin Russell chats with...

Sit Down with Sabin: Venkat Srinivasan: The Future of Batteries

May 2011

Data centers provide mission-critical computing functions vital to the daily operation of top U.S. economic, scientific, and technological organizations. These data centers consume large amounts of...

Energy 101: Energy Efficient Data Centers

Daylighting—the use of windows or skylights for natural lighting and temperature regulation—is one building strategy that can save money for homeowners and businesses. Highly efficient, strategically...

Energy 101: Daylighting

Portrait of Ashok Gadgil and Vikas Garud and his invention: UV-light-powered water disinfection device.

A UV-Light-Powered Water Disinfection Device

Lack of access to safe drinking water is a global crisis, with about a billion people worldwide lacking access. Ashok Gadgil's and Vikas Garud's UV water disinfection device offers a cost-effective,...

Bringing Clean Water to the World's Poorest Regions

The nuclear crisis in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan is confusing and frightening. Three Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory scientists - Thomas McKone, Edward Morse and...

Fukushima: Fact vs. Fiction

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