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August 2012

The last installment of the "Summer Series of Conversations" took place Wednesday, August 1, with guest Shashi Buluswar, the executive director of the LBNL Institute for Globally Transformative...

Summer Series of Conversations — Shashi Buluswar

July 2012

Cool Your School is a series of 6th-grade, classroom-based, science activities rooted in Berkeley Lab's cool-surface and cool materials research and aligned with California science content standards...

Berkeley Lab's Cool Your School Program

June 2012

The effects of climate change do not stop at the front door. However, to date there has been little recognition of the potential impacts of climate change on the indoor environment and thus the...

EETD Distinguished Lecture: John Spengler — Climate Change Hits Home: Impacts on the Built Environment and Health

June 7, 2012. Achieving a Triple Zero Commitment to Zero Net Energy, Zero Landfill Waste, and Zero Net Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2020. John will highlight his involvement in sustainabilityefforts...

John Elliott, LBNL Chief Sustainability Officer: Lessons Learned from UC Merced

May 2012

Aimee McKane discusses  transformative approaches for organizations (industry, commerical buildings, etc) to maximize energy savings through the implementation of ISO 50001 Energy management...

Creating the Right Environment for ISO 50001 to Thrive

April 2012

A demonstration of how to compile Radiance on a Mac.

Radiance Demo - Compiling on a Mac

This talk will discuss how fast automated demand response can help mitigate grid balancing challenges introduced by upcoming increases in intermittent renewable generation resources in an...

Automated Demand Response to Enable the Integration of Renewable Resources

March 2012

Global human development faces a fundamental challenge: many countries seem permanently caught in a poverty trap, while others build their economies on a path of certain ecological unsustainability....

Carbon Cycle 2.0 - LIGTT: LBNL Institute for Globally Transformative Technologies

Berkeley Lab Associate Laboratory Director for Energy & Environmental Sciences Don DePaolo introduces the Symposium with an overview of the Carbon Cycle 2.0 initiative and highlights of...

Carbon Cycle 2.0 - 2012 Symposium

Rick Diamond of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory believes that understanding myths can help policy makers question assumptions, myths can inform research by giving us pointers on questions that...

Rick Diamond: Seven Myths about Behavior, Energy and Buildings

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