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April 2009

The world is headed toward two billion vehicles. Is this sustainable? Not without transforming vehicles, fuels, and transportation generally-not only in the U.S., but virtually everywhere. Professor...

Distinguished Lecture Series: Daniel Sperling — Two Billion Cars and What it Means for Climate and Energy Policy

March 2009

Two stylized alternative visions of how the power system might evolve to meet future requirements for the high power quality and reliability (PQR) electricity service that modern digital economies...

Microgrids: Providing Energy Services Locally

January 2009

Many authoritative studies over the past several decades state that energy efficiency, aka Negawatts, is cheaper, faster, cleaner, more sustainable and more profitable than building more power plants...

Distinguished Lecture Series: Lee Eng Lock — Negawatts for Buildings: Observations from the Past 25 Years

Berkeley Lab's Mark Levine discusses this topic in a January 10, 2009 Nano*High talk.

Energy, Climate Change, and China: Is There Hope for Averting Environmental Crises?

October 2008

Buildings are the SUVs of U.S. energy consumption, gobbling up 71 percent of the nation's electricity. In this Sept. 22, 2008 talk, Arun Majumdar, Director of Berkeley Lab's Environmental Energy...

Science at the Theatre - Buildings That Think Green

The Environmental Energy Technologies Division launches its Distinguished Lecturer series with a talk by Vinod Khosla, founder of Khosla Ventures, whose mission is to "assist great entrepreneurs...

Distinguished Lecture Series: Vinod Khosla — Extrapolate the Past... or Invent the Future

August 2008

Arun Majumdar, Director of the Environmental Energy Technologies Division, discusses current and future projections of economic growth, population, and global energy demand and supply, and explores...

Summer Lecture Series - Global Energy: Supply, Demand, Consequences, Opportunities

July 2008

A member of the Atmospheric Sciences Department in the Environmental Energy Technologies Division (EETD), Surabi Menon's work focuses on the human contribution to increasing impacts of climate change...

Summer Lecture Series - Climate Change: The Role of Particles and Gases

May 2008

Everyday, women living in the refugee camps of Darfur, Sudan must walk for up to seven hours outside the safety of the camps to collect firewood for cooking, putting them at risk for violent attacks...

KQED QUEST: Darfur Stoves Project

March 2008

California needs new, responsive, demand-side energy technologies to ensure that periods of tight electricity supply on the grid don't turn into power outages. Led by Berkeley Lab's Mary Ann Piette,...

Science at the Theatre - Saving Power at Peak Hours

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