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July 2008

A member of the Atmospheric Sciences Department in the Environmental Energy Technologies Division (EETD), Surabi Menon's work focuses on the human contribution to increasing impacts of climate change...

Summer Lecture Series - Climate Change: The Role of Particles and Gases

May 2008

Everyday, women living in the refugee camps of Darfur, Sudan must walk for up to seven hours outside the safety of the camps to collect firewood for cooking, putting them at risk for violent attacks...

KQED QUEST: Darfur Stoves Project

March 2008

California needs new, responsive, demand-side energy technologies to ensure that periods of tight electricity supply on the grid don't turn into power outages. Led by Berkeley Lab's Mary Ann Piette,...

Science at the Theatre - Saving Power at Peak Hours

January 2008

This talk describes the concept for and lessons from the development and field-testing of an open, interoperable communications infrastructure to support automating demand response (DR). California...

Automating and Optimizing Demand Response in Commercial Buildings

October 2007

Ashok Gadgil speaks of his motivation for developing the high efficiency stoves for Darfuri refugees.

Darfur Stoves

September 2007

How well can we assess and improve building energy performance in California homes? How much energy—and carbon—do homes use in other parts of the world? Rick Diamond, deputy group leader of the...

Science at the Theater - Reducing Our Carbon Footprint: A Low-Energy House

August 2007

This session features Mark Levine - Director, Environmental Energy Technologies Division, LBNL; Ashok Gadgil - Senior Staff Scientist and Group Leader, Environmental Energy Technologies Division,...

Energy Symposium: The Rosenfeld Effect - Session Two

This session features Robert Socolow - Professor and Co-Director, The Carbon Mitigation Initiative, Princeton University; Steve Chu - 1997 Nobel Laureate in Physics and Lab Director, LBNL.

Energy Symposium: The Rosenfeld Effect - Session Three

This session features John Holdren - Director, The Woods Hole Research Center, Harvard University & Professor of Environmental Science and Policy, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences,...

Energy Symposium: The Rosenfeld Effect - Session One

This session features Stephen Schneider - Co-Director, Center for Environmental Science and Policy at the Stanford Institute for International Studies & Professor, Department of Biological...

Energy Symposium: The Rosenfeld Effect - Session Four

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