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August 2007

This session features Robert Socolow - Professor and Co-Director, The Carbon Mitigation Initiative, Princeton University; Steve Chu - 1997 Nobel Laureate in Physics and Lab Director, LBNL.

Energy Symposium: The Rosenfeld Effect - Session Three

This session features John Holdren - Director, The Woods Hole Research Center, Harvard University & Professor of Environmental Science and Policy, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences,...

Energy Symposium: The Rosenfeld Effect - Session One

This session features Stephen Schneider - Co-Director, Center for Environmental Science and Policy at the Stanford Institute for International Studies & Professor, Department of Biological...

Energy Symposium: The Rosenfeld Effect - Session Four

This session features Joseph Romm - Executive Director, Center for Energy and Climate Solutions.

Energy Symposium: The Rosenfeld Effect - Session Five

March 2007

California Energy Commissioner Art Rosenfeld is a pioneer in the energy conservation movement. He talks with John Blackstone.

Eye To Eye: Art Rosenfeld On Energy Conservation

February 2007

The switchable-mirrors technology was developed by Tom Richardson and Jonathan Slack of Berkeley Lab's Environmental Energy Technologies Division. By using transition metals rather than the rare...

Transition Metal Switchable Mirror

July 2006

Art Rosenfeld, an appointee to the California Energy Commission and one of the architects of energy efficiency research at Berkeley Lab in the 1970s, discusses what it takes to shepherd innovative...

Summer Lecture Series - Energy Efficient Buildings and Appliances

July 2004

Jim McMahon of Berkeley Lab's Environmental Energy Technologies Division (EETD) is head of the Energy Analysis Department in EETD, which provides technical analysis to the Department of Energy on...

Summer Lecture Series - The Energy-Water Connection

July 2003

For the past several years, Michael Siminovittch, a researcher in the Environmental Energy Technologies Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, has worked to package efficient lighting in...

Summer Lecture Series - Next Generation Lighting Technologies: From the Lab to the Marketplace

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