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August 2013

A Tech Close-Up news story about automated climate control in commercial locations in response to real-time signals from electric utilities. The goal is to reduce power demand at times of system...

Automated electricity demand response - Tech Close-Up

The Demand Response Research Center (DRRC) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory worked with California and the nation to develop an open standards communication specification for the automation...


February 2013

National Medal of Technology & Innovation 2011 for extraordinary leadership in the development of energy-efficient building technologies and related standards and policies.Produced by Evolving...

Art Rosenfeld - 2011 National Medal of Technology & Innovation

The lithium ion technology is playing a key role in the electrification of the propulsion system in hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and in pure electric vehicles (EVs). The chemist and materials...

Materials as a Key to Electro-Mobility with Rechargeable LI Batteries

A video record of the Let There Be Daylight event in New York on January 15, 2013. EETD's Stephen Selkowitz was one of the speakers, addressing the post-occupancy study of the shading and...

Let There Be Daylight (Greenlight New York)

In this highlight version of the Nov. 26, 2012 Science at the Theater event, scientists discuss the recently launched LBNL Institute for Globally Transformative Technologies (LIGTT) at Berkeley Lab....

Video Highlights Development of Lab Technologies to Combat Global Poverty

The President recognizes the 2011 National Medal of Science and National Medal of Technology and Innovation recipients on February 1, 2013.

President Obama Honors the Country's Top Innovators and Scientists of 2011

January 2013

On sweltering days you can fry an egg on them. But, now, Lawrence Berkeley Lab and UC Davis researchers are testing surfaces designed to make them cooler and safer.

Cool Pavement Technologies

Berkeley Lab scientists discuss how cool roofs can cool your building, your city ... and our planet. Speakers: Arthur Rosenfeld, Professor of Physics Emeritus at UC Berkeley, founded the Berkeley Lab...

Cool Cities, Cool Planet

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