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October 2013

Energy Efficiency of Small Data Centers

Honda Smart Home to Include Berkeley Lab Ventilation Controller

Study Estimates Energy Savings From Bringing All U.S. Homes Up to Code

EETD’s Early Technological Successes—Energy-Efficient Windows

EETD’s Early Technological Successes—Electronic Ballasts

Measuring Miscellaneous Electrical Loads in Buildings

Engineering News-Record's Cover Story on FLEXLAB

September 2013

Large-scale solar projects in the United States have made great progress in delivering competitively priced renewable electricity

EETD Researcher Named a 2013 Star of Building Science by Building4Change

Federal Aggregated Solar Procurement Pilot: GreenGov Spotlight Communities Webinar, October 1

Berkeley Lab report finds U.S. energy service companies experienced steady growth despite recession

Berkeley Lab Releases Most Comprehensive Databook on China’s Energy and Environment

The China Energy Group's New Website

CalCharge and Berkeley Lab Sign Groundbreaking CRADA

CalCharge Prepares for Launch

Wang Shi, Founder of the largest residential real estate developer in the world will speak at Berkeley Lab, Sept 18

Daylighting Window Film Shows Potential to Significantly Reduce Lighting Energy Use in Buildings

Ultra-Efficient Clothes Dryer Wins Design Competition

Bringing Energy Efficiency to High Performance Computing

August 2013

The FLEXLAB Rotating Testbed Under Construction

GE, Berkeley Lab-EETD Explore Possible Key to Energy Storage for Electric Vehicles

New Policy Brief — Energy Efficiency Program Typology and Data Metrics: Enabling Multi-State Analyses Through the Use of Common Terminology

No Evidence of Residential Property Value Impacts Near U.S. Wind Turbines, a New Berkeley Lab Study Finds

A Q&A with Cindy Regnier, Manager of the Facility for Low Energy eXperiments in Buildings (FLEXLAB)

An award-winning technology that can boost the capacity of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries has just gotten even better.

EETD's ITRI-Rosenfeld Postdoctoral Fellowship Open

The Installed Price of Solar Photovoltaic Systems in the U.S. Continues to Decline at a Rapid Pace

An Update on FLEXLAB Construction

A Path to Better MTV-MOFs: Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley Researchers Develop Method for Predicting Adsorption in Carbon Dioxide-Scrubbing Materials

New Study Finds that the Price of Wind Energy in the United States Is Near an All-Time Low

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