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July 2006

EETD Wins a 2006 R&D 100 Award

Energy Efficient Buildings and Appliances: From Berkeley Lab to the Marketplace

June 2006

Energy-Efficient Direct-Current-Powering Technology Reduces Energy Use in Data Centers By Up to 20 Percent

April 2006

Berkeley's Art Rosenfeld Wins Fermi Award

March 2006

A Mission to Darfur

January 2006

Lighting it Right with Smart Dust

November 2005

Balancing California's Energy

Berkeley and Sandia Labs Develop Airport Protection Guidelines

September 2005

Taking the Measure of China's Energy Strategies

August 2005

Berkeley Lab Scientist Sees Risk to Insurance Industry From Climate Change

Harnessing Wind Energy in Eritrea

World Environment Day 2005

Web Site Advises Californians How to Cut Energy Use 20%

May 2005

Reducing the Developing World's Expensive, Polluting Fuel-Based Lighting

Energy-Saving Paper Sensor Passes Major Milestone

BEST Winery Tool Helps Reduce Energy and Water Costs

February 2005

Study Estimates $80 Billion Annual Cost of Power Interruptions

Controlling Natural Gas Prices: Energy Efficiency to the Rescue

ProForm: Calculating Complicated Energy Problems the Easy Way

January 2005

A Tsunami Relief Project: Providing Safe Drinking Water

November 2004

Fast-Growing State Support for Renewable Energy

October 2004

Berkeley Lab and Partners Provide Advice on 'How to Buy Green Power'

September 2004

Program Helps Building Managers Prepare for Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Threats

August 2004

Real-Time Electricity Supply and Demand

Cool Colors, Cool Roofs

July 2004

Carbon in the Air

Understanding the Weekend Effect

When Mold Runs Amok

Switchable Mirrors Win 2004 R&D 100 Award

May 2004

Carbonaceous Aerosols and Climate Change

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