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February 2012

Inspiring Energy Efficiency Research in the Nation's Universities

Ashok Gadgil on the LBNL Institute for Globally Transformative Technologies (LIGTT)

The LBNL Institute for Globally Transformative Technologies (LIGTT)

January 2012

Beyond Lithium Ion V Conference to be Held in Berkeley in June

EETD Researcher Contributes to New CAFE and Greenhouse Gas Standards for Light-Duty Vehicles

Berkeley Lab's Ashok Gadgil Wins Zayed Future Energy Prize's Lifetime Achievement Award

Free Energy Information Systems Handbook Available

Heart to Hearth: Darfur Stoves Project’s Andree Sosler Makes Survival Sustainable

EETD Scientist Editor of Special Issue of the Journal Energy Efficiency

Laying the Groundwork in Ethiopia: Berkeley Lab's Ethiopian Stove in Action

December 2011

Saving on Energy Bills: Meeting Families in the Middle

EETD Researchers Win BuildSys 2011 Best Paper Award

EETD Awarded Two New Emerging Energy Technologies Demonstration Projects at Department of Defense Facilities

Port of Oakland Truck Emissions Study Published in Environmental Science and Technology

November 2011

EETD Scientists Develop Effective Approaches for Removing VOCs from Indoor Air

More Efficient Cookstoves for Haiti: In The Lab with Katee Lask

Breakthrough Berkeley Mist Sealant Technology: Potential to Save Americans $5 Billion Per Year

Energy-Saving Windows Get Smarter

Healthy Homes Study: California Homeowners Invited to Participate

Cool Roofs and Global Cooling: A Response to Jacobsen and Ten Hoeve (2011)

Supercomputers Accelerate Development of Advanced Materials

October 2011

New Website for the Energy Performance of Buildings Group

Berkeley Lab's Carbon Cycle 2.0 Energy and Environmental Analysis Team Finds Effective Directions for Energy Research

Berkeley Lab's Carbon Cycle 2.0 Energy and Environmental Analysis Team—A Closer Look at Carbon Sequestration

Increased Ventilation Rates in Office Buildings Can Bring Billions of Dollars in Savings

Cool Colors for Cars Could Improve Fuel Economy, Reduce Emissions

An Energy-Efficient Future for Department of Defense Facilities

Nanostructured Antifogging Coating Receives a 2011 R&D 100 Award

September 2011

Berkeley Lab Tests Cookstoves for Haiti

Better Lithium-Ion Batteries Are on the Way From Berkeley Lab

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