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May 2015

BTUS Releases Website on Healthy, Efficient, New Gas Homes

The Building Technology and Urban Systems (BTUS) Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s (Berkeley Lab’s) Energy Technologies Area is starting a new research project on Healthy, Efficient, New Gas Homes (HENGH).

The website showcases and supports Berkeley Lab’s project to...

Berkeley Lab’s FLEXLAB Empowers Genentech to Cut Energy Waste and Boost Employee Comfort

The biotech company Genentech is cutting the ribbon on a new building designed to maximize energy efficiency and employee comfort, thanks to some help from FLEXLAB at Berkeley Lab.

FLEXLAB provides a facility for testing and optimizing building systems under real-world conditions, allowing Genentech to make the best possible choices for its new 255,000-square-foot office building. Armed...

Energy Technology Area Scientists Contribute to EPA’s Solar Partnerships

ETA’s Gerald Robinson and Christopher Payne made important contributions to the partnerships announced by the EPA — including planning, recruiting, outreach, and financial analysis — which helped enable the...

May 2015

ETA's Anubhav Jain Receives DOE Early Career Research Program Award

ETA’s Slack and Goudey Demo Solar Oven at Local School

Lab Battery Team Touts Its Capabilities to Companies at First Ever Industry Day

April 2015

Counting All Costs, Berkeley Lab Researchers Find that Saving Energy Is Still Cheap

Electrolyte Genome Could Be Battery Game-Changer

New “Cool Roof Time Machine” Will Accelerate Cool Roof Deployment

Building Energy Data Exchange Specification Website Supports Stakeholders

OPAL-RT’s RT15 Regional User Group Event Heading to Berkeley!

March 2015

Goodbye, Range Anxiety? Electric Vehicles May Be More Useful Than Previously Thought

Vi Rapp Discusses Reducing Carbon Monoxide Risks in Q&A

High-Performance Buildings for High-Tech Industries Website Debuts

Darfur Stove Featured in KQED e-Book “Saving the World With Cookstoves”

Lab’s China Energy Group Featured in New Asia Society Report

February 2015

ETA’s Amrose is Developing Modular Arsenic-Removal System for Water

KQED Shines Career Spotlight on ETA’s Vi Rapp

Better Batteries from Berkeley Lab’s Work with Industry

New Battery Startup Promises Safe Lithium Batteries

January 2015

LIGTT’s List of 50 Most Needed Breakthroughs

Berkeley Lab Illuminates Price Premiums for U.S. Solar Home Sales

Tihomir Novakov, 1929-2015

December 2014

Local Market Conditions and Policies Strongly Influence Solar PV Pricing

BATT Research Highlight: Electrode Fabrication and Materials Benchmarking

Total Electricity Savings From Projects Installed by the U.S. ESCO Industry

How the Department of Energy Ensures Maximum Impact of Technology Program Investments

November 2014

DOE Launches the Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium

BATT Research Highlight: Designing High-Performance, High-Energy Cathode Materials

If Buildings Could Tell Us What’s Wrong

China Energy Group Staff Scientist Led Tianjin 2014 Symposium on Microgrids

New Research Quantifies Health Benefits of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Los Angeles Air Force Base Demonstrates First Working Vehicle-to-Grid Interconnection in the U.S.

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