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Event Speakers List

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Name Title Organization
Anthony Radspieler Jr.
V. Raghuraman Principal Advisor Confederation of Indian Industry
Deepak Rajagopal Ph.D. Candidate University of California Berkeley
Ram Rajagopal Assistant Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Stanford University
Venkatachalam Ramaswamy Director NOAA
Edward Randolph Director California Public Utility Commission
Milind V. Rane Institute Chair Professor, Heat Pump Laboratory at IIT Bombay, HPL_IITB Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai (IIT-B)
Carol Rao NIOSH
Vi Rapp Mechanical Research Scientist/Engineering Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
S. M. Rappaport Professor University of North Carolina
Joseph Rasson Mechanical Engineering Group Leader, and PI Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Rajan Rawal Head of UG Program, Faculty of Design CEPT University (Ahmedabad, INDIA)
Steven Ray NIST
Ronald Reade Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Matthew T. Reagan Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Danijel Rebolj Head of the Department of Construction and Transportation Informatics University of Maribor, Slovenia
Clifford Rechtschaffen Sr. Advisor Gov. Jerry Brown's Office
Robert Redlinger Manager CBS Viron Energy Services, Oakland, CA
David Reed Sr. Energy Planner Exxon Mobil
Cynthia Regnier Group Leader Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Jim Reich V.P., Engineering Streetline, Inc.
Georg Reichard
Bryan Reichel President & CEO PureChoice, Inc.
Christoph Reinhart Assoc. Professor of Architectural Technology Harvard University, Graduate School of Deisign
Peng Ren Quality Director South China University of Technology (SCUT)
Thomas Richardson Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Bruce Riordan Executive Director Bay Area Climate Solutions
Allen Robinson Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
Kem Robinson Sr. Scientist & Director Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Philipp Rode Executive Director, LSE Cities Research Center/Urban Aage ( & Ove Arup Foundation Fellow at the Cities Programme)
Thomas Roderick Ph.D. Candidate University of Texas at Austin
Thomas John Rohloff UCLA
David Roland-Holst Adjunct Professor University of California, Berkeley
Billi Romain Sustainability Coordinator City of Berkeley
Alan Ropers ENSAM
Seth Rosen Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Daniel Rosenfeld Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Tim Rosenfeld
Howard Rosenof
Gregory Rosenquist Program Manager IV Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Kurt Roth Group Leader Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems, Cambridge, MA
Jim Rothfuss Computer Protection Program Manager (CPPM) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Craig Roussac Guest Student Assistant Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Francis Rubinstein Physicist Staff Scientist/Engineer Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Thordur Runolfsson University of Oklahoma
Richard Russo Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lev Ruzer Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Nancy Ryan Visiting Professor UC Berkeley
Matt Ryanczak Network Operations Manager American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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