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Event Speakers List

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Name Title Organization
Anthony Ma Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Chadi Maalouf PhD candidate LEPTAB
Jose MaCampos Tecnalia - Technological Research Corporation, Spain
Mark M. MacCracken CEO CALMAC Manufacturing Corporation
Mathew MacLeod Visiting Researcher Trent University, Canadian Environmental Modelling Centre
Randy Maddalena Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Masayuki Mae Assoc. Prof., Environmental Engineering, Department of Architecture Associate, Global Center of Excellence for Sustainable Urban Regeneration, University of Tokyo
Dr. Ardeshir Mahdavi Director, Department of Building Physics and Building Ecology, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Joel Makower Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Ravi Malladi CTO, GE South Asia
Stephen Malloy Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer PlanetEcosystems
Pierluigi Mancarella Lecturer University of Manchester, UK
Yakout Mansour CEO California Independent System Operator
Samuel Mao
Xianglei Mao Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Karl Maribu Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Chris Marnay Affiliated Scientist Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Brent Marsh Eutricity
Andrew Marsh Welsh School of Architecture (ARCHI), Cardiff, Wales, UK
Julian Marshall UC Berkeley
Mark Martinez Senior Manager Southern California Edison
Eric Martinot Senior Research Director, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies in Tokyo Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies in Tokyo
Eric Masanet
Omar Masera Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lodi Ngaa Masiyazi
Jake Masters Founder & CEO EnMetric Systems
Javier Matanza Domingo
James Mater QualityLogic, Inc
Paul Mathew Energy/Environmental Policy Staff Scientist Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Johanna Mathieu
Jyotirmay Mathur Head Malaviya National Instit. of Technology, Jaipur (MNIT-J)
Ajay Mathur Director General Government of India
Yasutomo Matsuoka Takenaka Research & Development Institute
Michael Matthies Prof. of Applied Systems Science University of Osnabrueck, Osnabrueck, Germany
Donald Mauritz Principal Research Associate Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Rashid Mavliev Illinois Institute of Technology
Peter May-Ostendorp Ph.D. Candidate University of Colorado, Boulder
Susan Mazur-Stommen Director, Behavior and Human Dimensions Program American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE)
Kim McCaffrey Executive Vice President IPKeys Technologies
Teddy McCalley Research Psychologist Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Brewster McCracken Executive Director Pecan Street, Inc.
Curtis McDonald Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Alex McEachern Power Standards Lab
Scott McGaraghan Nest Labs
Aimee McKane Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Thomas McKone Mechanical Senior Scientist/Engineer Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Frank McLarnon
Dustin McLarty PhD, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Irvine
James McMahon Guest Management Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Andy McMillan General Manager President, BACnet International
Alan McMorran Director Open Grid Systems, Ltd.
Cameron Meadors VALinux
Dr. Forrest Meggers Assistant Professor, Princeton University School of Architecture and Andlinger Center for Energy and Environment
Alan Meier Senior Scientist Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Arsen Krikor Melikov Assoc. Professor Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Tasios Melis Professor of Enzymology UC Berkeley
Mark Mendell Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Surabi Menon
Bert Metz Consulting Professor Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
Subodh Mhaisalkar Executive Director Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
William Miller Program Manager 4 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Shelly Miller Assoc. Prof. University of Colorado, Boulder
Scot Miller
Scot Miller PhD Student, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences (ESP) at Harvard
Andrew Mills Staff Research Associate Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Evan Mills Energy/Environmental Policy Senior Scientist/Engineer Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Don Milton Harvard University
Qingyu Ming Rutgers University
Katsuhiro Miura Chief Research Engineer Kajima Technical Research Institute, Japan
Kushboo Modgil MEP Division Head and Associate of Sterling India
Martin Moeck Senior Key Expert Osram Opto Semiconductors, Germany
Tanuj Mohan Founder & CTO enLighted, Inc
Lars Molhave University of Aarhus, Denmark
Laurent Mora LEPTAB
Richard Morgenstern Economist, & Senior Fellow Resources for the Future
Glenn Morrison Asst. Professor University of Missouri - Rolla
Elmer Morrissey
William Morrow Principal Scientific Engineering Associate Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Wayne Morrow P.E., & Dir. of Technology Starfield Controls, Inc.
Steven Moss Executive Director San Francisco Community Power
Naoya Motegi Building Energy Engineer, Energy Solution Group, Environmental Engineering Department, Takenaka Corporation
Scott Moura Asst. Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering University of California, Berkeley
Scott Moura Assistant Professor, eCAL University of California, Berkeley
Michael Mueller Senior Licensing Associate Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Michael Mueller Senior Licensing Associate Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Giuseppe Muliere
Nasim Mullen
Richard A. Muller Sr. Scientist Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Helen Mulligan Director Cambridge Architectural Research, Ltd., UK
Steve Munson Chief Executive Officer Vulcan Power Corporation, Bend, OR
Yoshifumi Murakami Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd., (Osaka, Japan)
Michael Murray President Lucid Design Group
Rich Myhre Bevilacqua Knight Inc

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