Indoor and Outdoor Thermal Environments and Comfort

May 27, 2014 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm
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The talk will cover three areas:

1) Design criteria for built thermal environment
Based on 4-year field surveys and 3894 sets of raw data in residential buildings, design and calculation criteria for built thermal environment were obtained for hot summer and mild winter zone of China. Values of indoor air temperature, humidity and air speed are provided for designs and simulations of natural ventilation buildings, buildings using fans and air-conditioners.

2) Quick prediction of architectural microclimate
A quick predictive method for ground surface and air temperatures was established based on field studies of concrete and ceramic tile pavements in semi-enclosed and enclosed architectural complex. The method can be used to evaluate and optimize architectural plans in terms of microclimate.

3) Urban thermal environment
Urban thermal environment is closely related to the human living. While infrared satellite imagery has been increasingly used in the field of outdoor thermal environment, much less progress has been made in unmanned airship infrared remote sensing system (UAIRSS). Comparing with the traditional remote sensing measuring method, such as satellite, aircraft, or ground infrared remote sensing platform, UAIRSS has many advantages in its higher spatial resolution, being able to measure at any time, and lower cost, etc. This presentation focuses on the integration and function of a UAIRSS and its observation tests in low-altitude, including surface emissivity correction, inversion from brightness temperature to near-ground air temperature, and distribution of surface heat island in observed areas in Guangzhou China.

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