Integration & Optimization of DSM: Extraordinary Benefits When the Orchestra (Energy Efficiency, Demand Response, Distributed Generation, and Storage) Plays Together

March 27, 2014 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm
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During this seminar we will explain how much greater benefits result with the full integration and optimization of DSM resources. A four step methodology and the related software are explained, as follows:

  1. Target Marketing and Consumer Engagement -- Spot high value participants and target the portfolio of DSM programs
  2. Locational T&D Benefits – Define customer-specific distribution & transmission (T&D) impacts at the feeder level, which allows distribution capital to be transformed to DSM.
  3. Locational Covariance and Option Value – Reflect deviations from expected values in demand, weather, demographics, key contingencies, commodities, prices, and value
  4. Distributed Optimization to Maximize Benefits -- Optimize the use of DSM measures to achieve greater portfolio and program benefits

The size and scale of DSM benefits results from consumer engagement and managed customer load, in coordination with distribution level balancing. The benefits result from reduced utility costs (energy, capacity, T&D), proper sizing, improve customer satisfaction (with control over comfort and convenience relative to the size and volatility of monthly bills), and distributed optimization. Implementation steps use a platform for distributed analytics, common messaging for data translation at the edge, contextualization at the edge with a common information model, and use of "big data" to define optimal algorithms, design, and location.


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